Hungry Hound Beer Grain Treats All Natural Crack for Dogs~Nothing Gets Wasted, Not Even the Dog!

Don't trash your mash, let us help you turn it into CASH! 
Do you love dogs?  
Do you have dog loving customers?  
Do you want to offer your customers a product made with your spent grain?  

 We would love an opportunity to talk to you about a possible business collaboration using your spent grains in our dog treats.  We work with a lot of different breweries and they are our biggest retailer for our treats.  People love getting a product made with the spent beer grain from their favorite breweries, the craft beer and dog lover connection is very strong. 

 If you don’t see our product on the shelves at your favorite brewery, ask them why!  Email us the name of the brewery and we will reward you with FREE treats if we work out a collaboration based on your tip. 

Why choose us?

  • we will arrange to pick up fresh spent grain
  • we will process the product
  • we will either ship or hand deliver finished product to you
  • we are licensed with the Department of Agriculture in both NY & PA
  • each recipe is sent to the lab to obtain the guarantee analysis
  • each package will be labeled with your brewery 
  • if you would like to private label, let us know
  • we offer breweries supplying grain a discounted wholesale price so you can resell with high margins
  • we do not require a minimum order
  • we just won a national small business championship and our brand will be getting a lot of publicity
  • we blast your brewery over our social media sites and website
"We can help you to extend your footprint without walking the steps" ~Edism