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  • Pet Healing Crystal Collar Charm


    Just like humans, pets can benefit from the energies of healing stones. Maybe you are seeing signs of imbalance such as anxiety, stress, allergies, pain, fear, shyness, skin issues, arthritis, and so on. These collar charms would be perfect in aiding them.

    Crystals & Meanings

    Amethyst- Calming, clears negative energy, nervousness, bones, teeth, and arthritis
    Rose Quartz - Aches and pains, calming, love, anger, fear, grief, and jealousy 
    Blue Lace Agate - Eyesight, arthritis, separation anxiety, calming, nerves, and broken bones
    Tourmaline - Digestion, bladder, calming, self confidence, balance, and negativity
    Agate - Digestion, dehydration, skin disorders, anxiety, stress, tension
    Shungite - Healing, protection, relaxation, calming, pain, considered to be a miracle healing stone
    Citrine - Eyesight, kidneys, heart, thyroid, self esteem, and anger
    Carnelian - Liver, kidneys, thyroid, appetite, anger, fear, confusion, and jealously

    You will receive 1 cage, crystal and clip

    Silver cages are in small and large
    Copper cages only come in large

    Made by: 


     Syracuse, Utah